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Sara is a professional photographer who specializes in dogs and dog
events. She has been photographing dog shows and obedience trials
since 1976.

A long time participant in dog events herself, Sara has had personal
experience showing her own dogs since 1970. She finished several
American Kennel Club conformation champions and exhibited one dog
who twice won his breed's National Specialty Show  and was rated the
number one AKC show dog of his breed in 1974.

She also competed in both AKC and UKC obedience trials with her dogs
for over 25 years.  She still competes with her own dogs in AKC agility
trials. In addition, Sara is a long time Senior Judge for the United Kennel
Club - licensed to judge both conformation and obedience competitions.

This depth of experience gives her a wide understanding of dog
behavior and conformation plus the unique needs of competition
Photos by Sara Nugent
15421 Lakeview Drive
Houston, Texas 77040

713 937-0412

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